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Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold

Origin: North Coorg

Processing: Washed, Patio Dried.

Roast: Medium to Dark  Roast

Varietals Grown: Arabica ( S795)


Flavour Notes: A well balanced cup with medium acidity & body, enhanced aroma and hints of chocolate & caramel.


This supreme grade of washed Arabica earned India its initiation into the Specialty Coffee Market. Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, is a testimony to the efficacy of shade grown coffees in the Western Ghats of India.  


It's a culmination of the best practices of agriculture combined with the forces of nature creating the most well developed bean the plant can offer. 


The green beans of Plantation A Arabica meet the mark of being above 6.5 mm in size.  The Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold raises the bar,  90% is larger than 7.5 mm in size and 100% larger than 6.5mm. These beans are bagged by strict scrutiny of pre and post harvest processes which amounts to just 7 to 10% of the entire harvest.


Physical Attributes - The beans are large and uniform, bluish-green in colour, and have a clean, well-polished appearance. They provide a highly uniform roast. 


In the Cup - The flawless feature contributes to a well balanced cup. Medium body, medium acidity, smooth and lively on the palate. 

Can be served as a black coffee on a manual brew or makes for a great combination in an espresso blend. 


Our Mysore Nuggets are sourced from our partner farms across Coorg. 

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