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Agastya Coffee encourages the persistent efforts of the small farms that cultivate coffee on the verdant hill slopes of Coorg, India. Combining the ancient traditions of plant-tending with the modern privilege of direct trade, its main aim is to show the world that a cup of coffee of the truest quality is a process born of untiring affection and care.

We believe that each cup of our coffee holds an intimate story that strikes up a unique symphony at every sip. Especially, since our coffee hits the enticing notes of being shade-grown, selectively hand-picked and bird-friendly.

Agastya Coffee holds the belief that this irresistibly pure coffee experience must not be held back and therefore presents premium coffee in the local markets, affordable and accessible to all.

The retailing function apart, it fulfils the role of a social enterprise that grants a voice to each small coffee estate owner to narrate his story of a journey to the world, through the special symphony of the coffee beans. It organises workshops where planters learn the art of roasting, grinding and tasting coffee to understand the nuances of building a brand for coffee that is worthy of global recognition.



Agastya Coffee,

Below Smile Dental Lounge,

Junior College Road,

Madikeri - 571201 Kodagu Dist,

Karnataka, India


Mob: +91 9900509916

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