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From a quaint farmhouse that acts as a fortress to the verdant splendour of Modur Estate, there cascades a plantation that looks like a massive green spiral staircase. It contains within it, all the fantasies of a carefully groomed Kodava plantation. At the foot of this massive green staircase are the soothing blankets of paddy fields and the watering holes of Modur.
The creator of this fascinating piece of art, Mr. B.K Subiah with all his warmth and infectious enthusiasm tended to his estate that meticulously produces some of the finest coffee in Coorg. Its consistent output and quality continues in the safe hands of his son Mr. Nakul Poonacha. Woven with friendly banter about the good ol’ days and ancient Jawa bikes, the secrets of the Modur coffee beans were simply revealed to us,
Modur coffee is grown with the gentle touch of filtered sunlight and calming shade. The estate’s rich laterite soil calls for minimum fertilizers granting well deserved character to Modur Coffee. The estate is any ordinary planter’s dream with its bounty of rose wood, white cedar, silver oak and mahogany trees that tower above and provide the most desirable shade for the best coffee beans. 
As for help at Modur Estate, it is always given unconditionally, bounding to and fro between its owners and its workforce. 
The bright and happy faces of the workers that popped up amidst the coffee trees on that warm summer afternoon.  The estate is one amongst the rarest that has an established school mainly for the children of its workforce. What more! Surplus proceeds that arise from the coffee grown goes into their housing. For them, Modur transforms itself into not just a place of work, but, a home as well.
After a surreal sip of Modur coffee, we can only wonder, can coffee grown with so much love ever go wrong?

Modur Estate: Features
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