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Kogilehalla is a pristine valley estate nestled in the Western Ghats named after its chirpy inmates- the cuckoos (‘Kogile’ in local lingual). Kogilehalla is located at Chettali in Kodagu district at an altitude of 900m-1000m above sea level.  The coffee that the estate mainly offers is the premium Arabica variety and the berries and washed and patio-dried.
The dominant flavour notes of Kogilehalla coffee are citrus and tea rose, that accompany strong aroma and bright acidity. 
As the first beams of the rising sun stroke the lofty greens hills and awaken the cuckoos to spread the morning song across the valley, an aromatic brew of Kogilehalla coffee seals the deal of bringing paradise down to earth. A wee sip of this valley’s aromatic brew of freshly roasted beans, grown and nurtured amidst verdant greenery is rain-fed and sun kissed to perfection known to grant blissful comfort to the soul of every coffee lover. 
Owned and managed by Mr. Muthana Cariapa, a charismatic 3rd generation planter, this estate is a treasure-trove of wide varieties of indigenous flora and fauna. Naturally, the estate stands for sustainability of the environment and hence strives to maintain a symbiotic relationship with nature.
The secret of the supreme quality of the coffee is the shelter provided by a canopy of indigenous trees rosewood, jackfruit, fig  and cedar that ensures the premium quality of the berries. The coffee plants are intercropped predominantly with pepper vines, avocado and birds eye chillies.. 
The beans and grinds that we offer shall guarantee a satisfaction so deep that it will surely cradle the hearts of  coffee connoisseurs.

Kogilahalla Estate: Features
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