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Green Cardamom (Elachi) 9mm Premium Quality

Green Cardamom (Elachi) 9mm Premium Quality

Queen of Spices would mean that there is a rarity in it unlike any other. It starts with the Aroma. Cardamom's extremely rich and complex aroma, lends itself to both sweet and savoury dishes. 


It's the third most expensive spice in the world, which makes sourcing it from farm to table much more crucial. 


Warm, herbal, citrusy, spicy and hint of mint is how its described, all of it packed in a tiny pod. 


Our green cardamom is handpicked, sorted and dried in small quantities. These plants require close attention and harvesting can be a tedious process. To ensure good quality of crop and regenerative practices we work closely with the farmers, most of them being former growers who grappled with low yield are now restarting in small patches. We even have householders supplying it to us from their backyard!


How To Use: You can use the whole pod in cooking, or toast the pods and remove the seeds to make a powder. Make sure to save the empty pods to infuse in your teas or coffee. 


Go on! Explore the myriad uses of this impressive spice that also comes with multpile health benefits. 


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